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Easy and Pure!

We are pleased to offer you our NanoCarb Advanced Carbon Block (ACB) water filter. The advent of NanoCarb, has tremendously simplified the publics' ability to obtain pure water at the tap, free of bacteria (including e-coli), viruses, chemicals, medical residues, pesticides, herbicides and an endless myriad of contaminants or toxins either present or possibly present in our public water supplies. 

Simply speaking, as long as your system includes a final NanoCarb NC-254 filter, you're assured of the best water purification possible in a simple in/out water filtration system. You can use your system knowing that should there be any bacterial presence, your system is equipped with the ultimate physical barrier known as "NanoCarb".

As modern dwellers, we are all stuck in a catch-22 situation when considering treatment of our private or municipal water supplies. We need chorine to kill bacteria, but when these bacteria are killed, they produce a cancer causing substructure known as trihalomethane (THM), which has been linked to colon, stomach and prostate cancers as well as a host of other illnesses.

Also, when you drink water with a chlorine taste, that same chlorine now comes into contact with organic mater in your digestive system and therfore produces even more THM.

But on the other hand, when chlorine treatment becomes either deficient or incomplete, or, when the water distribution system becomes compromised, bacteria is introduced into the system and people start getting sick. 

NanoCarb is a proven and simple form of filtration which will stop both the bacteria and the trihalomethanes, so either way, when the public water supply is working well or when it is compromised, you are protected against the ill effects at all times. 

So when you include a NanoCarb NC-254 ACB filter to complete your water purification system, you are actually saving on the cost of adding other water sterilisation technologies without all their inherent hassles. Simple in and out with full protection is what NanoCarb offers our clients around the world, day in, day out.

The following links will provide you with complete NanoCarb product information.

We wish you good health and look forward to include you among our many satisfied corporate or private customers.

Yours for a safe drinking water environment,

NanoCarb Inc. - The Management

  ******NanoCarb****** filters cover a very large contaminent spectrum, to better protect 
you against possible water borne diseases, chemicals, heavy metals and more.
*************NanoCarb************* Tech Talk
Unique sintered process activated coconut carbon monoblock filter formed with proprietary carbon micro powder and GUR food grade binder.
NanoCarb is a physical barrier 7/8" thick with full thickness rating at 0.45 micron absolute particulate filtration and 0.003 micron adsorption, with up to 3,000 U.S. gallons (15,000 litres) production when used on clean city or pre-treated well water.
NanoCarb inside...
*************NanoCarb************* Unique Features
Learn why our unique NanoCarb filter is changing how people purify their water. 
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