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The NANOCARB NC-254 filter is the replacement cartridge that many have been waiting for.

The NC-254 will fit in most all North American Standard 10" filter housings, as well as our NanoCarb WaterHome and NCBarrier line of products. So if you already have a filter housing under your kitchen counter, chances are great that the NanoCarb NC-254 will fit it like a glove.

Each NanoCarb NC-254 filter is made to exacting specifications and standards using the most advanced carbon block manufacturing technology currently available. 

NanoCarb NC-254 filters eliminate bacteria, virus, cysts, trihalomethanes, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and more. Plus it is smart enough to stop producing water when the filter is fully saturated. This takes away the guesswork and ensures that you will never over-use the filter beyond its service life. 

NanoCarb systems are now used by laboratories, in multiple filter housings, in restaurants and other critcal water consumption requirements

Simple and overuse-proof, make sure your existing system is equipped with the best!

Materials of construction
Filtration / Adsorbtion Compressed food grade microfine activated coconut carbon
Linking polymer
GUR212 food-grade
NBR O-ring
on both ends
Food-grade FDA rubber
Cartridge ends (green)
FDA food-grade polypropylene
Filtration / Adsorbtion 0.45 micron absolute / 0.003 micron 
Maximum working temperature 104 deg. F (40 deg C.)
Maximum Flow Rate @ 50 psi 0.40 gallons per minute
(1.50 litters per minute)
Maximum working pressure 112 psi (10 bar)
Cartridge diameter 2.75" (70 mm)
Cartridge length 10.00" (254 mm)
Cartridge weight 1.55 lbs ( 0.69 kg)
Shipping weight 2.25 lbs (1.02 kg)
Model: NC-254
Schematic Diagram
Fits Standard 10" Filter Housings

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