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NCBarrier  NCB-2

The NCBarrier NCB-2 unit is the first level of under-the-counter units and is designed to provide a first stage 1 micron nominal sediment filtration which protects the second stage NanoCarb NC-254 against premature saturation. 

The NCB-2 unit comes with complete and easy installation accessories to connect it under your kitchen sink or anywhere that is convenient. 

A great permanently installed solution for the home and office. Connect other appliances such as your ice making machine or coffee maker for continuous supply of top quality purified water.

Simple and overuse-proof, makes a great and secure gift for your Mom, Dad and Grandparents.

Note about filter housings:

We have searched the World for the best filter housings offering both affordability, sealing integrity, ease of tightening and loosening as well as long term performance after numerous filter changes. Our transparent Italian made filter housing is our choice and offers all of these attributes. Also, being transparent, this enables you to view filter performance so when you notice that the second filter is starting to have surface accumulations, you can change the filter preceding it.

Instructions for use manual.pdf

NCB-2 Includes
1MNSed Replaceable 1 micron nominal polyfibre-spun sediment depth filter cartridge provides optimum particulate filtration in order to protect the 2nd and/or 3rd stages. 
Replaceable NanoCarb 0.45 micron absolute carbon block filter cartridge
Under-the-counter filter housings secured on a stainless steel mounting bracket with 1/4" poly-tube quick connections.
Filter Housing Head - Polypropylene
Filter Housing Sump - Transparent SAN
Filter Housing O-Ring - MBR 70 Sh
Enamel coated aluminum dual filter mounting bracket 
Housing wrench
Lead-free sink mount long-reach faucet with 1/4" poly-tube compression connections.
Easy-lock quality self-tapping water inlet valve with 1/4" compression connection.
8 ft.
Polyethylene FDA approved food grade flexible tubing
Maximum working pressure 112 psi (10 bar)
Maximum burst pressure 490 psi (34 bar)
Maximum working temperature 104 deg. F (40 deg C.)
Flow Rate @ 50 psi (with filters) 0.40 gallons per minute
(1.50 litters per minute)
Length 14.5"
Depth 6.5"
Height 12.5"
Gross Weight (w/filters) 14.50 lbs. (6.60 kg)

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