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$CAN 104.00

The NC-254 replacement filter cartidge is made of  specially molded bonded high quality granular activated coconut carbon powder. The carbon block is then sintered to obtain a unique carbon matrix. The NC-254 offers the ultimate final stage filtration and purification of a wide spectrum of contaminants as well as bacteria and viruses.

Rated at 0.45 micron absolute.

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For specifications on the NanoCarb NC-254, click below the top-left image. Below that are our former NCBarrier details and manuals that we are leaving in place to provide you with some information on water filtration methods and devices. We no longer supply these since they are all available via eBay or better still by calling your local water filtration professional.

Simply put, if you are making a water filtration system with 2 or 3 housings, you will need the housings piped together then add the in and out connections, the faucet, the tubing, the feed connection plus the three following filters;

1st: Any Hytrex type 1 micron PP depth filter. Available locally.

2nd: Any CBC-10 type Carbon Block. Available locally.

3rd: NanoCarb NC-254, Available at NanoCarb.

In a 2 housing system, in the first housing use the 1st filter (if water is very clear) or 2nd (if water is very clorinated) and in the 2nd hoiusing use the NC-254.

Four Easy Build Tips:

1) Look for true PVC 40 or 80 couplings between the 1/4" filter housing threads.

2) Ask for quick connect in and out fittings. 1/4" mpt x 3/8" tube

3) Ask for a ceramic faucet with a quarter turn handle designed for 3/8" tube.

4) Try and avoid a self-tapping feed water connection. A plumbed in set-up or a quick-connect Tee with a stop valve will be a much better friend years down the road.

5) Refer to the details in the 2 or 3 housing systems to your left for installation and maintenance.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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